Two New Singles From the Firestarters!

Just 10 days to go before The Firestarters drop their debut full length "Hephaestus" But you don't have to wait until the 24th to hear some of it. Today we are excited to release two high quality digital singles from the Hephaestus record. 

Quiet Desperation, is one of the bands earliest compositions and somehow contains the perfect blend of dark emotion, driving rhythm and rock n' roll hooky-ness. Not sure if "hooky-ness" is really a word but I think you understand what we're trying to say. Anne Forster's angry/sad vocals bring shivers and the band only makes the feeling stronger.

The second is called Comeback and could be considered a bitterly optimistic sequel to Quiet Desperation. It's the kind of song that makes you want to roll down the car window and shout the lyrics at passing trucks. Heavily featuring Kyle Robert Everett's brutal guitar this is as close as the band gets to a "Rock anthem" but they never loose any sense of narrative. The song still tells a story, one that we can relate to, and the music, as much as it makes us want to raise or fist and play air drums, supports that story uncompromisingly.

Download Quiet Desperation

Download Comeback

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The FirestartersTwo New Singles From the Firestarters!
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