It's a (Robot)boy!

It's my belief that art is impossible without family. Weather learning from or resisting against, family inspires us, conflicts us, pushes us and is a universal creative catalyst. They are an emotional hotspot that we all draw from. I am blessed with a family that always supported my creative endeavors

 and never once suggested that I should pursue a "normal" career that I wasn't passionate about. Not to mention the pretty extensive record collection I inherited (Thanks Mom and Dad!). They taught me that there was nothing stupid, naive, or unrealistic about trying to turn your passion into your career. Long story short, I would not be the musician or producer that I am today if were not for my family. 

And now we're adding another one! In a few months I will become a father myself which I both very excited and completely terrified about. Come by in May and I'll introduce you.

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It's a (Robot)boy!
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