Website and Store updates.

New website is on the way

July 3, 2016
That's right, we will be getting a new website in the coming months. In fact, if it wasn't for <ahem> certain unforeseen circumstances, it would be here now.

It's a (Robot)boy!

July 3, 2016
That's right, very soon Robotboy Records will have its very own mascot. Studio queen and offical pie baker Kristin (and my beautiful wife) is due to have a baby boy in May. We are very excited to meet this newest member of the Robotboy family!


July 3, 2016
The new Robotboy Records webstore is officially open!

Welcome to Robotboy Records!

July 3, 2016
Robotboy has landed! After almost five years of work Eugene's newest indipendent record label and recording studio is opening it's doors Well... it's virtual internet doors!